Responsible Cruises

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23 Feb

Responsible Cruises

Ha Long Bay is the pearl of Vietnam tourism destination, what’s a pity when we see the pollution in Ha Long Bay. Many feedback of customers who have been to Ha Long Bay complained about the pollution in there. Known as a responsible cruise line in Ha Long Bay, Alisa Cruises was an initiator movement to minimized pollution and we had received strongly supported by the customers and fishing resident. According to the regulation of Ha Long Port Authority and honored as cruise line who respected Ha Long environment,  Alisa Cruises  is running a respected environment program with name: “Ha Long green and clean”.

Understanding that preserving ecological balance in Halong Bay is paramount to our success, Alisa Cruises requires full and active compliance on each of its boats with all government regulations regarding on-board environmental treatment systems, and is firmly committed not to dispose any water or garbage into the bay. Beyond regulatory compliance, we actively work with relevant authorities in the area on efforts to conserve the unique environment found in Halong Bay and to protect the many marine and terrestrial species found here, as well as the delicate rock formations for which the bay is known. Part of our mission as a cruise provider is to help our guests learn about local culture around Halong Bay, to which end we offer our cruise clients some guiding principles on what to do and what not to do while in the bay, to limit any possible negative long term effects on local communities from tourism, as well as to ensure that the environment of the bay bears no negative impact from our visit.


Normally, twice a month, “Ha Long green and clean” is operated by the Alisa Cruises . Collected garbage in Ha Long Bay with fishing resident and fulfilled mangrove forest is organized by the Alisa Cruises . Beside, collected garbage in the water is the daily work of Alisa Cruises crew in Ha Long Bay. Joining us, customers will get valuable and meaningful activities in Ha Long Bay to support the local resident.


Alisa Cruises , as a representative for tourism business in Halong Bay, is proud to be a member of the Halong – Cat Ba Alliance, a three-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as a core partner.


The Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance aims to build partnerships between the Vietnamese government, businesses and civil society to catalyses actions in order to improve environmental management and protect the natural integrity of the Ha Long Bay (HLB) World Heritage Site (WHS), including the Cat Ba Archipelago.