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23 Feb


Unrivaled & Sensational  Posted by Mr. DavidWalkerLovesSold

Amidst the purely breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay, not one vessel passed the Alisa cruise boat that came close to rivaling Alisa. A quality route was chosen by the Captain to position us at great optional activities such as kayaking, beach and cave walk at all the right times - including anchoring in the most sought-after centerpiece bay position by sunset. Bags were quickly and accurately handled by staff, with welcoming smiles as we came on board. The refreshing complimentary welcome drink on arrival to the dining room underpinned the beginning of endless treats by Chef William and his team - with our overnight cruise including cultural and western options at all meals - lunch, afternoon tea, a 5 course dinner, breakfast & brunch ... all enjoyed in a grand-themed dining room featuring floor to ceiling windows. The immaculate presentation of our room on the dining level and private, spacious ensuite reflected premium quality for Vietnam and gave room for downtime between optional (price included) excursions which included kayaking, beach time and a glorious cave hike. These activities were timely and well organized, and we were thankful to Cruise Manager Tommy who walked with us to point out various animal formations in the rock caves and other historic points of interest. We look forward to boarding Alisa again one day and will be highly recommending Alisa Cruise to our friends & family.

The best cruise experience by far! Posted by 547sarinn

From deciding on the cruise to the actual experience itself was 5 star throughout. We spoke to Kenny the cruise owner who gave us the best price right away. Here are the things I loved about the cruise:
1) The staff hospitality is simply outstanding! They really took a lot of care to make sure my daughter, wife and I had a fantastic time. Special mention of Robert and Julia our tour guides & Tommy our tour manager.
2) It's a value for money deal. We took the 2 days 1-night tour and it was totally action packed. From Kayaking, Swimming on an island, watching monkeys in their natural habitat on the limestone cliffs to visiting the caves and the cruise through the unique landscape.
3) The cruise ship itself. By far the biggest that we saw in the bay during our tour. It's relatively new and swanky. They travel with a full crew of 32 people and small housekeeping problems if any are fixed in right away.

If you're considering a cruise, Alisa is clearly the best deal. One tip would be to get to Vietnam / Ha Long and negotiate over the phone rather than online. The deals are better. Especially the last minute deals.

Probly the best 5-star cruise in Halong Bay 

Posted by Ulf P

We booked 2 days 1 night through the official web page The Alisa Cruise ís an excellent 5-star cruise. The staff was extremely welcoming and the entertaining were keeping to schedule. The trips to the caves, hill climbs, and beaches were well organized. The cabins were extremely clean, nicely decorated and felt very luxurious. Will rebook Alisa Cruise again in the future and I highly recommend to go with this beautiful cruiser ship.

Why is Halong Bay the ideal destination for the family holidays?

Posted by James,

Our winter vacation occurs from the end of February to the middle of April. Usually, during this period, our family rarely goes out and both my 3-year-old daughter and my 5-year-old son also satisfied with this. However, one year ago, there was a Vietnamese girl coming to live with my neighbor’s family during her study abroad program in Germany. Her name is Linh and 15 years older than my son. My kids really like her; I have to say Linh is a friendly, clever and dynamic girl. She is very close with my family and she always tells a lot of stories about her hometown, especially Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. We are truly melted whenever Linh introduces about the breathtaking and superb beauty of Halong Bay. That’s a reason why on this winter vacation, my children asked us to plan a visit to Halong Bay. We were very excited about this trip and everything happened flawlessly out of our expectation. 

As we searched on the internet, October to November is the glorious time to visit Halong Bay and from March to April maybe the weather is cooler, has drizzling rain and fog which is impossible to take good shots. This really discouraged our kids a little bit but Linh always had such many great ways to cheer them up. 

Firstly, we were pretty nervous how to choose one of the greatest and the most suitable Halong bay cruises for our family among thousands of local agencies. Linh recommended us to search the cruise travel on TripAdvisor and we decided to choose BestPrice Travel due to a large number of satisfying comments and reviews from many previous visitors. We spent 5 days 4 nights in Vietnam, 2 nights in Hanoi and 2-night-trip in Halong bay. There were so many kinds of the cruise, from the Luxury Cruises, Mid-range Cruises, Budget Cruises to Private and Honey Moon cruises. Since we went with our 2 kids so we need the spacious, comfortable and luxury cruise. And Alisa Cruise completely met our demands. Then Linh advised us to study which tourist attractions we want to visit during the 3 days in Halong Bay to arrange the itinerary or we can contact directly to the local agency we chose to consult the activities for the duration of the cruise. 

We chose Family Suite Connecting Cabin of Alisa Cruise. It offered 1 double and 2 single bed connecting rooms, a spacious ensuite. A total floor space was 45m2. Our children really loved this cabin and they scrambled with each other to win a bed near a window. As I mentioned above, the weather during 5days in Vietnam was perfect for wandering and taking photographs. A food tour in Hanoi was one of the unforgettable things with us; Vietnamese food was amazing and delicious. Though some dishes were difficult to smell when we tried to eat, it completely surprised us. Pho, bun oc, nem cuon, bac xiu coffee were things we liked the most. During 3 days on the cruise, we were guided by Chef of Alisa Cruise to practice making the spring rolls (nem cuon), and it was the first time we saw the local people producing high-quality pearls. Sung Sot Cave was sparkling. In the evening on the cruise, I and my husband relaxed at leisure, used beauty spa service and my kids enjoyed night movie, squid fishing with the tour guide and they even slept immediately after a dinner because the itinerary was full and interesting all the day. Everything went flawlessly in Halong Bay and we did hope to have a chance to come back Vietnam again.

During the duration of the cruise, we did understand the beauty of Halong Bay, we did understand why Linh kept talking about her hometown and we did miss Linh. Halong Bay was truly beautiful, peaceful and the greatest thing was my kids enjoyed the whole journey without any complaints. That’s why Halong Bay is an ideal destination for family holidays

알리사크루즈에서 1박2일투어

Posted Mr. Kim, Busan, South Korea

신투어리스트(하노이,가짜말고 진짜)를 약30분동안 찾아서 상담하였다.가짜 신투어리스트가 너무 많아서...원래 우리 가족은 펠리칸 크루즈를 생각하고 있었다.한국에서 출발하기 한달동안 크루즈를 검색하여 현지에 가서 예약할려고 했다.신투어의 학생 상담원(huong bi)이 자기를 믿고 추천한 알리사크루즈. 두말할것 없이 판타스틱 이였다.크루즈도 1년밖에 안된 새배 였고, 가격또한 이제 막 시작하는 크루즈라서 인지는 몰라도 다른 크루즈의 의식주 및 프로그램 보다 더욱더 매우 좋았다.특히 우리와 함께한 Julia 가이드는 마음에서 우러나는 가이드를 해 주었고, 배에 함께한 스텝들 모두 열정적으로 우리를 반겨 주었다.최고의 가족 여행 이였고 다음에는 부모님을 모시고 똑같은 크루즈를 다시한번 타며,좋은 시간을 보낼것이다.

뷰티풀 하롱베이

얄리샤 크루즈 톰 가이드와 함께 관광과 엑티비티 음식 힐링 모두 충족되는 시간이었어요. 13년전 일일투어로 경험한것 보다 훨씬 좋았습니다. 하롱베이는 1박 2일투어로 기왕이면 좋은 크루즈로 관광하는 것을 추천합니다. 알리샤 크루즈 짱!!!! 투어 가이드 Tom 짱!!! 적극 추천합니다.

Belle Exprerience

Moreau P, Chomanix, France

Baie d'Along est toujours une destinationnde reve, c'est la troisième fois qu'on s'est rendu visite à cette Merveille naturelle et les expériences étaient différentes d'une fois à l'autre. On est parti de Hanoi avec le limousine pour arriver à Halong vers midi. Notre embarquement était bien agréable, la Suite était super large et bien confortable, c'est le meuilleur jusqu'à présent dans la baie d'Along. Les repas étaitent bien copieux par contre contre les boissons étaient un peu cher mais acceptable. En gros, grand conseil pour ceux qui cherchent le comfort absolu d'une telle croisière. P/s: on a très bien dormi comme les nuits à Sofitel Métropole à Hanoi