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23 Feb


Why Go With Us?

Stay away from the crowd and feel home from home in our 20 to 21-cabin-or-less-traditional junk with a convivial crew. You will soon feel part of the big happy family of Alisa Cruises and receive the warmest welcome from our friendly family-based-crew members who all live and breathe the sea with the tradition of sailing and serving thousands of passengers and an utmost desire: to share the love of Halong Bay and to bring the best of this world’s wonder to our passengers.

On top of that, you will receive a very personalized and attentive service because we understand that the friendliness and efficiency of our staff and crew contribute an extra element that money can’t buy.

Alisa Cruises - a pioneering new generation luxury of the vessel with both uncompromising quality and safety standards.

  •  Perfect designed
  •  Most exceptional route
  •  Luxury and unique service
  •  Friendly and kindly staff
  •  Responsible travel

 Luxury Transportation

We focus on developing 2 parts of innovation: basically resources and human resources. Basically, resources are our transportation as van, mid – bus, cruises line…They are every year twice time have maintaining safety and securities checked by the government. Besides, we constantly invest the new/ replace equipment, depending on the how fast of developing business, we would create and design the new cruises line with Alisa Cruises standards.

The most attractive route:

Alisa Cruise operates the most attractive route to explore throughout Lan Ha Bay – Ha Long Bay. While Ha Long Bay has been getting more and more touristy, Alisa Cruise Halong has brought into focus the exceptional route through Lan Ha Bay with less visited Ha Long Bay such as one of longest and most beautiful voyage in Ha Long Bay. Even if the visitors takes the 3 days/ 2 night, they cruise further to Lan Ha Bay with a whole day do many activities: kayaking in the gorgeous area in Lan Ha Bay, swimming in your intimate beaches, visitors might see the Cat Ba langur with white head/ black body is highly exceptional … Join us, you would get your lifetime experience.

 Luxury and unique service

Luxury cruises don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. At Alisa Cruises, the way luxury defined is upon your satisfaction with the entire journey with us. Most importantly, there are so much included in the price! To help you free from hassle in budgeting your cruise plan, all of our cruises include taxes, insurances, all meals, entertainment, attractions entrance fees and so much more.

Friendly and kindly staff

The staff is well trained, enthusiastic, high skillful, kindly. Staff respects the customers, respects their job, respects their colleagues and they love sharing experiences to the colleagues and they constantly endeavor best possible inspire customers to get Amazing Lan Ha Bay – Ha Long Bay in customer’s heart.

Human resources are the nuclear energy of our services. The knowledgeable and dynamic staff is the one thing decided the successfully of innovation. Alisa Cruises constantly gets well-trained staff and keep them at the highest class served.

Mr. Kenny Lee
General Manager
Alisa Cruise - Halong Luxury Cruises
M: +84 981519898, P: +84-4-3689.5999
A:Viet Nga Building, 3rd Floor, No 23 Hang Voi Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.

www.alisacruise.com  E/S: manager@manager@alisacruise.com